Sängerin Linda Holmgren

Datum: 17.03.2015. Kategorie: Erfolge

linda holmgren

„I just love coming to Bodywrap Vienna!“

 Gertrude and her staff are both professional and sweet and I always feel extremely well taken care of. 

My main reason to come to Bodywrap Vienna was for the detoxing (and of course also hoping to shed a couple of centimetres around the waist). I work as a performer and doing 8 shows/week really takes a toll on the body, and what I found really amazing with the body wrapping was how much better my tired body and muscles felt and how energised and fresh I felt after each wrapping session! 

Gertrude has so much knowledge about the human body and nutrition and she’s amazing at listening and giving advice. This is a place where it feels that they genuinely care for each and every person. On top of that, the studio also have the best location and panoramic view of Vienna! So coming here is good for both soul and body! 

linda holmgren-on-stage

Since I started getting bodywraps I feel happier and healthier, and as a super bonus I have lost both weight and centimetres, especially around those stubborn areas around the waist and love handles, which is so hard to get rid of even if you’re eating healthy and exercise. 

I am really gonna miss coming here every week, but Bodywrap Vienna and Gertrude is a big reason for me to definitely come back to Vienna very soon!